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  • 15,746,232 people
  • The birth rate is 44.33births/1,000 population
  • The death rate is 13.3 deaths/1,000 population

Upper Volta became Burkina Faso in 1960 because it won its independence from France. Their government is a parliamentary republic (PR) which is a republic that is under the parliamentary system. There is no clear legislative branch or executive. The real power is held by the head of government rather than the head of state. Instead of calling their PR Parliament, Burkina Faso refers to them as Assemblee nationale du Burkina Faso which translates to The National Assembly of Burkina Faso.
  • Burkina Faso consists of 45 provinces.

  • Popular music in Burkina Faso includes Reggae and Carribean dance music (Zouk).

  • Muslims
  • Christians

Animal Dangers!
  • Rogue African Elephants can become angry and charge you with their giant tusks. Never cross adult members in their herds or a mother and her baby. If musth, a dark oily liquid, is coming off the elephant, they can become very violent
African Elephant
African Elephant

  • Baboons are the most dangerous monkey. They sometimes raid villages, ruin homes, destroy crops, and kiddnap humans. Never wander close to a troop or corner a single baboon. If you see a baboon very, back away from them. never put your back to them.
  • Cape Buffalos hide in the bushes waiting for something to attack. Anyone who survives and attack is extremely lucky. Unless you bother them, they will most likely leave you alone
  • Leopards are the strongest cats in the Cat Family. Never EVER go near one. There are hardly ever any survirors from a leopard attack
African Leopard
African Leopard

  • Rat bites can be very infectious. Keep away, though they are very easy to fend off; a broom
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Heads up!If you travel to Burkina Faso anytime soon, make sure your measles vaccine has been updated! Measles is a very common disease and lethal to small children.
Here are some health-care tips for the traveling :)
  • Children that are six - eleven months old NEED a measles vaccine before entering Burkina Faso to ensure a healthy child
  • Small children, teens, and adults are considered immune after two shots for measles. There should be no need to get another measles vaccine unless told to by a doctor.
Here are some other vaccinces you should consider getting to ensure a plesant vacation to Burkina Faso....Just in case...
  • Hepatities A and B
  • Yellow Fever
    • Weak case symptoms
      • Vomiting, high fever, slow pulse, constipation, nausea, irritablility, headache, bloodshot eyes, furry toung, muscle pains, and reduced urine
    • Strong case symptoms
      • Yellow eyes and skin, vomiting blood or black vomit, lack of urine, slow heartbeat, general weakness, and high fever
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies
  • Meningitis
    • Symptoms
      • Stiff neck, seizures, eye sensitivity, headache, irritability, fever, and skin rashes.
*Please note: all of these diseases can be prevented by vaccines!!!!*

  • Bean Cakes
    • Contains: black-eyed beans, salt and pepper, onions, carrots, wheat flour, and veggietable oil
  • Spiced Lamb Balls
Spiced Lamb Balls
Spiced Lamb Balls

  • Veggietable Rice
  • Lemon Porridge
    • Contains: millet flour or cornmeal, cold water, lemon juice, and boiling water
  • Mango Chutney

flag.pngThe Burkina Faso flag has two horizontal stripes, red on top and green on the bottom. The yellow star in the center symbolizes the country's mineral wealth. Red symbolizes Burkina faso's struggle for independence while the green symbolizes hoope and abundance.Timeline
  • 1959 - Upper Volta became sovereign from France under Maurice Yameogo
  • 1966 - Maurice Yameogo was forced to resign. Sangoule Lamizana became President
  • 1968-73 - Famine hit Northwestern Africa
  • 1969 - The Economic Community of West African States treaty was signed
  • 1983 - Thomas Sankara ended his reign
  • 1984 - Upper Volta was renamed Burkina Faso
  • 1996 - African Summit opened here
  • 1998 - Burkina Faso became the 40th country to pass a treaty that got rid of land mines
  • 2000 - Burkina Faso Cardinal Paul Zoungrana died at the age of 82. Salibo Some created Africa’s Sustainable Development Council to help villagers to get out of poverty. The President was blamed for trading arms for diamonds and aiding rebels in Sierra Leone
  • 2001 - Citizens from the Ivory Coast fled to run to Burkina Faso. 3,500 people in Africa died from meningitis and Burkina Faso recieved a vaccine
  • 2002 - 12,000 people were infected with mengintis and 1,500 died
  • 2003 - The President demanded no more exports of cotton were to be traded to the USA
  • 2005 - The 7th summit of Sahel and Sahara countries opened in Burkina Faso
  • 2007 - Burkina Faso and Taiwan renewed their diplomatic ties
  • 2008 - Meningitis broke out over Africa from Burkina Faso even after the UN's disaster relief
  • 2009 - 5 people died and 150,000 became homeless after a heavy rainfall that led to a flood
  • 2010 - Guinea's leader was housed in Burkina Faso after his assassination attempt. A food crisis arrived in July

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