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The FlagCapeVerde_flag_lg.gif

The Cape Verde flag is blue with a horizontal white stripe at the bottom of the flag with a red stripe running through the white.
It also had a circle of 10 gold stars. The stars represent unity, blue is the sea and the sky, red is effort and white is peace.Independence: 5 July 1975 (from Portugal)

National AnthemCape Verde's national anthem is “Freedom Song" and was adopted in 1996.Portuguese and the English Translation
Canta, irmão
canta meu irmão
que a Liberdade é hino
e o Homem a certeza.
Com dignidade, enterra a semente
no pó da ilha nua
No despenhadeiro da vida a esperança é
do tamanho do mar
que nos abraça
Sentinela de mares e ventos
entre estrelas
e o Atlântico
entoa o cântico da Liberdade
Canta, irmão
canta meu irmão
que a Liberdade é hino
e o Homem a certeza.
Sing, brother
Sing, my brother
For Freedom is a hymn
And Man a certainty
With dignity, bury the seed
In the dust of the naked island
In life's precipice
Hope is as big as the sea
Which embraces us
Sentinel of the seas and winds
between stars
and the Atlantic
sing the Chant of Freedom
Sing, brother
sing, my brother
for Freedom is a hymn
and Man a certainty.
Timeline of Events1450s-Portugese explorers discovered the islands of Cape Verde. The Portugese settled there immediately.
1500s-A lot of slave trading. The islands prospered.
1600s-The slave trading declined.
Mid-1800s-Economic conditions improved slightly because Mindelo became an important refueling port for ships crossing the Atlantic.
1576-1879-Portugal ruled Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau as a single province.
1869-Portugal granted the provincial government greater autonomy (self-rule).
1956-A group called the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde formed.
1975-Cape Verde became independent.
1990-The PAICV was no longer the onlypolitical party because that year the Constitution was amended to allow a multiparty system.
1991-The MPD became the ruling party.
1995-The MPD is still in power after elections.
2001-The PAICV regained control.
2006-The PAICV is still in power after elections.
The PeoplePopulation: 508,659 The most populated islands are Santiago (48%), São Vicente (13%), Santo Antão (13%), and Fogo (10%). The largest cities are Praia (about 200,000 inhabitants) and Mindelo (nearly 80,000). Caboverdians (71%) are descendants of a mixture of Black Africans and Portuguese. The remainder are Black African (28%) and European (1%).Population Growth Rate: 1.5% annually.Net Migration Rate: -11.67 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2010 est.) Infant Mortality Rate: 41 per 1,000 birthsThe average family has five or six children.Life Expectancy: 68 (male); 74 (female) external image thumbnail.aspx?q=242611599783&id=dd7651c96ecc1f075327f4b2095ae4f8& 89% (male); 79% (female)Language: Official-PortugeseMost use-own language of CriouloCrioulo is a mixture of Portugese, African and other languages.Some educated people speak English and French, as well.Education:Enrollment in primary schools (ages 7-12) is cumpolsory. 85% of children attend.About 48 percent of the school-age population attends secondary schools.1 percent of Caboverdians hold a college degree. Cape Verde has no university.Dropout rates in primary and secondary schools are high:classes are taught in Portuguese, creating a learning is difficult for rural people to appreciate the value of education.Economic constraints further compound the situation.HIV/AIDS: around 775 people are livig with it.Suffrage: 18 years of age.People Using the Internet:Cape Verde vs. United States of AmericagramNZEkc.gifGeographyLocation: 278 miles off the West African coast. It has 10 principal islands. There are two island groups. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and it just outside Senegal and Gambia. Land Area: 1,557 miles. (Just slightly bigger than Rhode Island). Latitude: 14.55landscape.jpg
Longitude: -23.31
Islands: arid and of volcanic origin. One island, Fogo, has a 9,280 foot volcano that erupted last in 1995. the high rate of soil erosion does not favor plant life. Vegetation is most prevalent in Brava, Santo Antão, and parts of Fogo, Santiago, and Maio. Many of the islands are mountainous. Climate: Tropical, high temperatures, humid. Moderated by ocean breezes. The dry season spans November to July, while the rainy season begins in August and ends in October. Average year-round temp.: 75°F4.48 inches of rain in September (the rainiest month). Rainfall is very irregular and sometimes there are droughts that last as long as several years.Harmattan winds from Africa's deserts blow dust and dry air. This is during January-March.Natural Resources: salt, basalt rock, limestone, kaolin, fish, clay, gypsum.cape_verde.gifafrica_and_cape_verde.gifLeader, Capital, GovernmentCapital: Praia
Leader: President- Pedro Pires and Prime Minister- José Maria Pereira Neves
Government:Leaders serve five-year terms. President is directly elected. Prime Minister is selected by the National People's Assembly(72 directly elected members).6 members are elected by and represent citizens living abroad.Voting age: 18Currency: Cape Verdean escudo and the exchange rate is 1 US Dollar=83.27253 Cape Verde Escudo and 1 Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)=0.01201 US Dollar (USD). external image thumbnail.aspx?q=253416319560&id=52f2788940ed482a95105b08b1cc7209& as a poor country.2/3 of the people are considered wage earners, but the money they earn is still not enough to meet basic needs.Unemployment is very high.Industries: fishing and lobster harvesting suffer from limited or underdeveloped resources.Exports: Clothing, fish, bananas, hides, and saltImports: Country's food and consumer items Rural People: work in construction or live from fishing or subsistence farming.Urban People: mainly government employees, small retail-business owners, or fishermen. Without foreign aid, the standard of living would be a lot lower.GDP per capita: $3,041Religion and BeliefsNearly all are Christian.80% belong to the Roman Catholic Church.12% Protestant.Rest are other.Very religious and sometimes religion is brought up in normal conversations.On Sundays, churches are very crowded and one must come early to get a seat.Every town and county has a patron saint, whom the residents honor with an annual three-day festival around the saint's name day.TourismScenery is a mixture of Portugese and West African culture.Made up of 10 volcaninc islands and 5 tiny islets.Amazing mountain ranges with deserted beaches.Each island has its own character. For example, Santiago is lush and lively and Boa Viste is a quiet diving islet.external image thumbnail.aspx?q=242273757675&id=edb2ed40f9c2ab5ca52ba1bfab65ba7c& have the best windsurfing conditions in the world. And if you like diving then you are in for a treat because the bottom of the ocean floor is covered with 16th century shipwrecks.Your first impression of Cape Verde will come through the mournful songs of Cesaria Evoria, the island's best known singer. Music is a key component of life on Cape Verde.Several islands stage exuberant carnivals and the best known is the Baia das Gatas Festival.
Health and Safety Tips for When You Travel:See a health-care provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect.Vaccine Recommendations-Routine (measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine, poliovirus vaccine, etc.)Hepatitis AHepatitis BTyphoidYellow FeverBe careful because of Malaria! There are only limited cases in Saõ Tiago Island, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The best was to protect yourself from Malaria is to protect yourself from Mosquito bites.
Papaya Candy external image thumbnail.aspx?q=242613228983&id=147b040d7e92c7db61ba8e9130c2f655& 2 1/2 pounds firm papaya
2 pounds sugar
1 grated lemon peel

  1. Cut the papaya into fine strips, and then peel and wash well.
  2. Put papaya, lemon peel, and sugar on a slow fire until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Cook for 10 minutes and then set aside for a half hour.
  4. Reheat at higher heat until the mixture becomes sugar-like or crystallized.
  5. Remove from heat, and, using a spoon and fork, mold into different shapes.
Fun FactsIllicit Drugs-used as a transshipment point for Latin American cocaine destined for Western Europe.
Twice as many Caboverdians live abroad as live in Cape Verde.
The national dish is cachupa, a stew made of corn, manioc, and meat or fish.

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