Comoros Background and Details:

  • Seperted in three islands: Anjouan, Mohéli, and Grand Comore
  • In the Comoros it is mostly descedents from both Arab slave traders and African slaves.
  • Sandalwood, a cosmetic and a skin lighter, is what women use as face masks.
  • A nickname for the Comoros is the Perfume islands, known for a french perfume ylang-ylang.
  • Territory of the French.
  • Is an archipelgo island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Comoros Flag :
  • Horizontal stripes of yellow, white, red, and blue

  • Colors Represent the 3 nations islands.
  • The Green Cresent to the left s an islamic symbol of a moon and four stars.

Area sq. mile:
863 sq miles.
(Area sq. Km):
2235 kms
Human Dev. Index Rating:
Adjusted for Women:
Adult (male) Literacy Rate:
Adult (female) Literacy Rate:
Infant mortality rate:
67 per 1000 births
Life Expectency (Male):
Life Expectency (Female):
Comoran Franc

Volcanic islands
Population Growth Rate:
Natural Resources:
NEGL (Negligible)
Southern Africa,
Land Use:
arable land: 35% permanent crops: 23% other: 40%
Net Migration Rate:
40,000 lived in france, 25,000 in Madagascar
The Comoros 3 islands surrounded by the indian ocean.
Natural Hazards:
Tornados or cyclones, and active volcanos
Enviromental Issues:
Moheli has tracts of fertile land not yet to be cultivated.
There is also a lack of education because of the lack
of money. The Comoros is a very poor country.
Ethnic Groups:
Antalote, Cafre, Makoa, Oimatsaha, Sakalava
Arabic (official), French (official)
Government Type:
July 6th, 1975
GDP per capita:
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi
Export Commodities:
vanilla, ylang-ylang cloves, copra
tourism, perfume distillation
Agriculture Products:
vanilla, cloves, ylang-ylang, perfume essences, copra
Import Commodities:
The imports that the comoro get is whatever they get
they find a good use for it.
Illicit Drugs:
Big jail sentence, along with helping out
the community.
Sunni Muslim 98%, Roman Catholic 2%
44% of chuildren 5 to 14 attend school
Internet Access:
23,000 people use the internet every day.
Tropical, Overcast
Universal, 18 years

Precolonial inhabitation:

The first human inhabitants of the Comoro Islands are thought to have been African and Austronesian settlers, travelling by boat. They settled there no later than the sixth century AD, the date of the earliest known archaeological site, found on Nzwani, though some sources speculate that settlement began as early as the first century. The islands of Comoros became populated by a succession of diverse groups from the coast of Africa, the Persian Gulf, and Madagascar. Swahili settlers first reached the islands as a part of the greater Bantu Expansion that took place in Africa throughout the first millennium.

Economic Overview:
The country has an unemployment level estimated at 20% and one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. The government has many aim to develop education and technical training, to improve health services, to reduce the high population growth rate, to privatize state-owned enterprises, to promote tourism, and to diversify exports. Political instability has led to disruptions in government services, as has the general.

Comoros was frequented by travelers from Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Arabia before the first Europeans encountered the islands. Arabic influence has been the strongest.France colonized Mayotte in 1843 and by 1904 had annexed the remainder of the archipelago. In a 1974 referendum, 95% of the population voted for independence. The exception was Mayotte, which, with its Christian majority, voted against joining the other mainly Islamic islands in independence. Today it remains a French overseas territory.

The Seal of Comoros
The national seal of the comoros has the crescent found on the national flag in the center; within this crescent are the four stars found on the flag. A sun with rays extended is right above the crescent. Around the focal point, the former name of the nation (Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros) is written in both French and Arabic . The border is composed of two olive branches.

Pictures and Photos:

Map of Comoros
Map of Comoros

Flag of Comoros
Flag of Comoros

Coat of arms of Comoros.svg
Coat of arms of Comoros.svg

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