The Flag


Flag Background

~The flag was adopted in 1991
~The flag consists on a green triangle, a diagonal yellow stripe, and a red triangle.

~These colors are a pan-Africa colors used in many of the continet's national flags.

Country and Development

Capital: Brazzaville
Population: 4,125,916
Area,sq. mi.: 132,047
Human Dev. Index rank:136 of 182 countries
GDP per capita:$3,511
Adult literacy rate:91%(male) 72%(female)
Infant Mortality:80 per 1,000
Life Expectancy:53-male 54-female
Currency:CFA france
Natural Resources: Petroleum, wood, natural gas, potash, lead, zinc, phosphates, uranium, hydropower

The People

Language: The official language is French, which dayes back to colonial time. In addition, there are 54 indigenous languages. The two most common are Monokutuba and Lingala, which they use to talk to ethnic groups. In general the south speak Monokutuba and in the north Lingala is spoke. They both are Bantu languages that are both similar.

Religion: Missionaries introduced Christianity in the 19th century. Half of todays Congolese are Christian but most of the others have there on religious beliefs. About 2% are Muslims. Islam was introduced by the northern African business people, which immagrated from Mali or Senegal. Still today people are combinging religions and creating there own.
Primary School:
The primary amount of years a student is in school is about 6 years. The year they start school is when they are about 5.5 years old. School consists on 6 primary grades. At the end of the last grade they take a test for secondary school, which will tell them where they will go.
Secondary School: Secondary school takes up to 7 years. The french term "college" refers to the first 4 years of Secondary School. The term "lycee" refers to the last 3 grades of Secondary School. The lycee's are Agricultural, Technical, and General lycees. These will determine what the student wants to do in life.

Only the higher educated ones are the only ones that go to College as in like Marien Ngouabi University.
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Timeline and Events

1482- The ethnic groups named the Bantu's settled in Congo-Brazzaville

1880- Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza(French-Italian) negiotiated an agreement with the Teke king to establish a French protectorate over the north bank of the Congo River. Brazzaville became the capital of Congo

1939-1945(During WWII)

- Brazzaville became the symbolic capital of Free France
- AEF riflemen with no mititary training were brought to Europe to fight the Nazis
- French president Charles De Gaulle organized the Brazzaville Conference
which organized:
-abolition of forced labor
-granting of French citizenship to colonial subjects
-election of local advisory assemblies

1956- Loi Cadre(Framework Law) provided self-government

1960- Congo was granted their independence, Fulbert Youlou was elected as first president

1963- Youlou had to step down because of strikes and riots, New Constition was adopted and established one party rule

1977- Joachim Yhombi Opango became president after Alphonse Massambat-Debat(2nd president) was assinated

1992- Pascall Lissouba became president after Alphonse presidency ended in 1979

1993-1994- Congo plunged into a civil war, claimed 3,000

1997- Another civil was broke out

1999- Peace agreement was reached

2002- new constitution was found, and Sassou was elected a seven-year term as president

2009- Sassou won the reelection
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There are many sites and places to visit, for example:
-Congo River
-The second largest tropical rain forest
-The Congo Basin has 1,000's of different species of animals

When traveling to Africa you have to get these recommended vaccines:
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-Yellow Fever
But also becareful of Malaria

Fun Facts:

-Most of the population lives in two main southern cities, Brazzaville and Poine-Noire
-A women's brother is most likely to take care of her children
-In the north people eat cayman(similar to a crocodile)
-They are not well educated

Work Citied
By: Michael Kish
Period 3