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  • the population of Egypt is about 80.47 million
  • it is inceasing 2 percent annuall
  • 99.6% is egyption the rest are nubians
  • most people live along the nile river
  • no exact count is possible because of migration
  • percentage of people 15 years old and up is



  • it is striped in the order of red white and black
  • and a golden eagle in the middle
  • the red refers to the time before the revolution
  • the white referse to the time during the revolution
  • black sybolizes the end and freedom from british columbia

Map of Egypt
  • Egypt is located in the top right corner of africa
  • bordering the country is the red sea and mediterranean sea
  • countrys sourounding it are sudan libia and saudia arabia
  • going through the country is the nile river (one of the only that flow north)

Timeline of Egypt

3500 B.C.- first Egyptians settled near the nile river3100 B.C.- Hieroglyphics were established
3100 B.C.- high and low classes where established
2700 B.C.- The first pyramids where built
2200 B.C.- various kings ruled Egypt
1600 B.C.- Ahmose unified the country
1400 B.C.- Akhenaten changed the religon.
1400 B.C.- Tut became the pharo and changed the religon back
1100 B.C.- upper and lower class Egypt split up
728 B.C.- Nubian king conquered Egypt
671 B.C.- Assyrians attacked Egypt
525 B.C.-persians conquered Egypt
332 B.C.- Alexander the great conquered Egypt
300 A.D.- last used hieroglyphic writing
642 A.D.- Egypt conquered by Arabes
820 A.D.- first documented person enters the great pyramids
1798 A.D.- Napoleon invaded Egypt (cut the noses of the sphyx
1922 A.D.- King Tut's tombwas discoverd

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