President: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Land Area: 37,189 sq mi (96,320 sq km)

Total Area: 43,000 sq mi (111,370 sq km)

Population: 3,685,076

Growth rate: 2.7%

Birth rate: 38.1/1000

Infant Mortality rate: 76.4/1000

Density per sq km: 34

Monetary unit: Liberian dollar 13-liberia.jpg


Lying in the atlantic and southern part of west Africa, Lyberia is bordered by Sierra, Leone, Guinea, and Cote d'lvoire. It is about the same size as Tennesse. Most of the country is plateau and is covered in rain forests. It rains about 160 in a year in Lyberia.


Lyberia was founded in 1822. In about 40 years the slave population was about 12,000. Originally called Monrovia, the colony became the Free and Independent Republic of Liberia in 1847. The English-speaking Americo-Liberians, descendants of former American slaves, make up only 5% of the population, but have historically dominated the class of Africa. Liberia's population is made up of 16 different ethnic groups. The government of Africa's first republic was just like the United States, and Joseph Jenkins Roberts of Virginia was elected the first president. Liberia's constitution denied equal rights to the lighter-skinned American immigrants and their descendants.


1809- Mar 15, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, first president of Liberia, was born.
1824- Freed American slaves formed the country of Liberia.
1943- William Tubman was elected president of Liberia. He promoted foreign investment and local participation in government.
1981- The US gave $402 million in aid to Liberia.
1990- A 14-year civil war began in Liberia. 1.2 million people were forced flee their homes.
2002- More than 50,000 Liberia and Sierra Leone refugees fled fighting.
2009- Liberia's parliament approved a new law to crack down on narco trafficking amid concerns that druglords want to turn the west African nation into a transit point.

There have been 24 presidents in Liberia.


Liberia has been around since the 12th century, maybe even earlier.
Around the 17th century Portuguese, Dutch and British starting trading on the cost of Liberia.
Liberia has 15 countries.
  • Bomi
  • Bong
  • Gbarpolu
  • Grand Bassa
  • Grand Cape Mount
  • Grand Gedeh
  • Grand Kru
  • Lofa
  • Margibi
  • Maryland
  • Montserrado
  • Nimba
  • River Cess
  • River Gee
  • Sinoe

Monrovia is the Capital city.

Liberia has many sights and activities.
-Guinée Forestière
-This area is a forested mountain range in the south eastern area of the country.
-Mount Wuteve
-The tallest mountain in Liberia, its over 1,440 m high and has a great view.
-Sapo National Park.
-Liberia's only national park
Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the 19th century.

-Hot all year round.
-heavy rainfall from May to October.
-During winter its dry and low wind.


GDP (IMF 2009 est.): $836 million.
Real GDP growth rate (2009, projected): 1.2%.
Per capita GDP (2009 estimate): $204.74.
Average annual inflation (2008, projected): 9.0%.

16 Different ethnicity's make up Liberia. Americo-Liberians people that came from America because they were freed slaves in 1880 make up less than 5% of the population. The creation of Liberia was from 1822 to 1847. Liberia’s foreign investments get better during the 1960s. During this time the economy grew spectacularly, it helped a lot.

Liberia consists of bicameral legislature consisting of 64 representatives and 30 senators. President William McKinley and his Secretary of State, John Hay with respect to China at the end of the 19th century, served as a model for the policy of the same name which the Liberian Government also wanted.

The flag of Liberia is very similar to the American flag. Some say it's because the decedents of Liberia came from America.