The green and gold in the Mauritanian Islands' flag are considered Pan-African colors. Green also symbolizes Islam, and the gold also represents the sands of the Sahara desert. The crescent and star are also symbols of Islam, which is the major religion in Mauritania.

0-14 years: 41% (male 643,436/female 638,793)
15-64 years: 55.7% (male 818,778/female 923,046)
65 years and over: 3.4% (male 44,836/female 60,597)


Slavery has existed in Mauritania for hundreds of years and is deeply rooted within society across the country. The Haratine are the group most affected by slavery practices and are traditionally owned by Bidane, or white moors, the minority ruling elite of Arab-Berber descent in Mauritania. Historically the white moors raided and enslaved people from the indigenous black population and today, all cases of slavery in Mauritania involve people whose ancestors were enslaved before them.

  • Nomadic families live in large tents that are elaborately decorated on the inside