Capital: Rabat

Latitude: 34.02

Longitude: -6.51

Population: 31,627,428 (rank=38)

Area, sq. mi.: 172,413 (rank=57)

Area, sq. km.: 446,550
Human Dev. Index rank: 130 of 182 countries

Adjusted for women: 111 of 155 countries

Real GDP per capita: $4,108

Adult literacy rate: 69% (male); 43% (female)

Infant mortality rate: 37 per 1,000 births

Life expectancy: 69 (male); 73 (female)

Currency: Moroccan dirham
Languages: Arabic (official), French, Berber dialects
Religions: 1.1% Christian, 98.7% Muslim, 0.2% Jewish
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Climate: Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts- mild climate, hot summers, cooled down breezes coming from the Sea and the Ocean; wet and rainy short winter
Ethnic Groups: Arabic, Tangier and French
Illicit Drugs: Morocco supplies between 60 - 70% of the cannabis seized in Europe
Independence: March 2, 1956
Suffrage: Universal starting at 18 years of age
Annual growth rate (2009 est.): 1.479%. Birth rate (2009 est.)--20.96 births/1,000 population
Location: North Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, southern border with Western Sahara, eastern border with Algeria

Did you know?
    • In 1787, the United States signed a peace and friendship treaty with Morocco
      • The treaty is still in force
    • Ceuta and Melilla, in northern Morocco are two coastal enclaves controlled by Spain
    • A way to show respect to elders when greeting them is rural children may kiss their right hand
    • It is impolite to finish eating before the hosts, in traditional homes

The Flag:

    • On November 17, 1915 the flag of Morocco was most recently adopted
    • It features a green pentagram on a red background
    • The red flag was first used in the 1600's
    • In 1912, the green star was adopted to distinguish the flag from other nations' flag

Behind The Name:

    • Morocco is the common name
    • Official name is the Kingdom of Morocco
      • Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah
      • Also called, Al Maghrib

The National Anthem:
    • Lyrics by Ali Squalli Houssaini
    • Music by Léo Morgan