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 Namibia is a larger country in the southwest part of Africa that boarders the Atlantic ocean. The toatal area is 824,292 square km. witch is just a little larger then half of Alaska. The capital of Namibia is Windhoek Witch is located in the middle of the country. Namibia is boarderd by the countrys of Angolia, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia. The terrain of Namibia is mainly deserts and plateus. A very important part of Namibia is their natural resorces. some of those resorce are gold, silver, diamonds, and copper.wa-map.gif
In compairison to other counrtys Namibia has the 143rd highent population in the world with 2,108,665 people in their country. The population is growig very slowly due to many deaths from AIDS and other diseases in the country. In Namibia there is a about 200,000 people infected with AIDSin the country and 5,100 deaths in a year. Another thing hurt by AIDS in Namibia is the life expectancy. The average life expectancy in Namibia is 51 wicth is prety low campaired to other countries. In Namibia the official language is English but the most commonly spoaken languages is Afrikaans and German. GovernmentType- Republic
President- Hifikepunye Pohamba
Capital- Windhoek
Independence- March, 21,1990, From South Africa
National Holiday- March, 21, Idependence Day
Branches- Army, Navy, Air Wing

Age- must be 18years old
Time Line1488- Visited by Portuguese explorer Bartolomue Dias1884- South western part of Africa (later known as Namibia) turned into a German colony.1915- South Africa takes country over during world war.1968- Renamed Namibia by the UN general assembly.1988- Namibia gains independence from South Africa in return for removal of troops from Angola.1990- Namibia becomes completly independent with Sam Nujoma as first president.1994- Nujoma re-eleceted as president.1998- Namibia sends troops to Demoratic Republic of Congo to support president agenst rebbles.1999- World court rules in Botswana's favor in territorial argument over small river.2004- Hifikepunye Pohamba win election and is Namibias 2nd presidemt