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South Africa


Flag Description: South Africa's flag has six seperate colors. It is the only flag in the world with six colors. It has white bands, and a green Y down the middle. Black, yellow, and green are found on the African National Congress foundation. Red, white, and blue are from the Netherlands and UK, who ruled Africa during the colonial era.

Backround: South Africa was established by Dutch traders in 1652, and founded the city of Cape Town. The Dutch were referred to as Boers. It was later siezed by the British, forcing the Dutch to spread out around central Africa. The settlers resisted the English until 1902, when they were defeated in the Boer War. They then both worked together as the Union of South Africa, which turned into a republic in 1961. Segregation was a problem in the country. It was called apartheid, and whites lived in higher standards than blacks. Whites still ruled in politics until 1994, which was the first multi-racial election. Much is still being done to improve living conditions in South Africa.

Independence: May 31, 1910- Union of South Africa formed, May 31, 1960- Republic, April 27, 1994- Majority rule

Ethnic Groups: Black African- 79% White- 9.6% Colored- 8.9% Indian/Asian- 2.5%

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Location:Southern tip of the continent Africa.

Area: About twice the size of Texas. Size-1,219,090 sq km. Land-1,214,470 sq km Water-4,620 sq kmexternal image zulunkosi.jpg

Borders: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe.

Climate: Semiarid, subtropical, sunny days, cool nights.

Terrain: Large plateau, many hills, coastal plain

Land Use: Arable land- 12.1% Permanent Crops- 0.79% Other- 87.11%

Natural Hazards: Drought

Natural Resources: Gold, coal, iron, tin, nickel, diamonds, natural gas

Environmental Issues: Pollution to rivers, acid rain, soil erosion, desertification, water conservation measures


Country Name: Long Form- Republic of South Africa, Short Form- South Africa, Former- Union of South Africa, Abbreviation- RSA

Goverment type: Republic

Suffrage: 18 years old

GDP per capita: $10,300

Agricultural products: Corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, beef, poultry, mutton, wool, dairy products

Exports: Gold, diamonds, metals, machinery

Imports: Machines, chemicals, petroleum, foodexternal image rain.gif

Capital: Pretoria (Administrative)

Leader: President Jacob Zuma

Labor Force by Occupation: Agriculture- 9%; Industry- 31.1%; Services- 65%

Industries: Mining, car assembly, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, fertilizer

Currency/Exchange Rate: Rand(ZAR)/7.002350

Population: 49,052,489

Population Growth Rate: 0.281%

Net Migration Rate: -0.13 migrants/1,000 population

Infant Mortality Rate: 44.42 deaths/1,000 live births

Economic Overview: Middle-income, 18th largest stock exchange, 2007 experienced electricity crisis, Unemployment high, poverty, 1/4th population recieves social grants, 50% population below poverty line, richest country in Africa, used to experience rolling blackouts

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Everyday Life

Religion: Mostly Christian

Languages: IsiZulu-23.8%; IsiXhosa-17.6%; Afrikaans-13.3%; Sepedia-9.4%; English-8.2%; Setswana-8.2%; Sesotho-7.9%; Xitsonga-4.4%; Other-7.2%

Nationality: South African

Education: Schooling-13 years

Life Expectancy: Male-49.81 yrs old; Female-48.13 yrs old

Literacy: Total- 86.4% Male- 87% Female- 85.7%

Unemployment: 24% of nation unemployed

Internet Use: 4.187 million users

Illicit Drugs: Transportation center for heroin, cocaine, drug use on rise, produce synthetic drugs

Sports: Soccer, Rugby, Cricket. Hosted 2010 FIFA World cup


Table Mountain: Plateau next to Cape Town, very large, can take a cable car to top.

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Robben Island: Used to be jail for blacks on an island surrounded by sharks, Nelson Mandela spent 16 years here. Now a tourist attraction.

What to watch out for: AIDS Virus, Hepatitus A, Typhoid Fever

Interesting Facts

National Holiday: Freedom Day, April 27

Cell Phones: 45 million users

Economy: Richest country in Africa

Economy: Largest producer of platinium and gold in the world

Sports: Hosted and won the 1995 Rugby World Cup.


1480s- Portuguese navigators travel to southern tip of Africa.

1816-1826- Shaka Zulu creates/expands Zulu Empire

1880-1881- Boers rebel against British, first Boer War.

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Mid 1880s- Gold is discovered in Transvaal

1948- Apartheid is adopted, National Party takes over

1976- More than 600 killed in clash between black protesters and security in Soweto

1990- African National Congress unbanned, Nelson Mandela released from prison, Naminia independent

1994- Nelson Mandela becomes president

2003- Goverment opens drug distribution centers to defeat AIDS/HIV

2009- Parliament elects Jacob Zuma as president. Economy in recession

2010- South Africa hosts World Cup soccer tournament

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