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zambia_flag_map.pngThe country’s first president was Kenneth Kaunda. There is a strong national identity in Zambia. People obtain strong ties to there clans or tribes. These tribes have lived in harmony with each other for decades. When the first president, Kenneth Kunda, introduced the slogan "One Zambia, One Nation," it was considered a strong symbol of the country's unified national identity. Zambia has much culture to it. Dance makes up an important part of Zambia culture. All the different ethnic groups have their own form of the way they dance but one of the most common known is the, makishi. This dance was brought from the north and then adapted by the Zambians. It is mainly used for boys' initation ceremonies but can alse be used for other celebrations another important aspect of Zambian cultrue is respect for elders. When greeting an elder, one shows respect by dropping down on one knee, bowing their head, clapping three times, and saying one of the many terms that signify respect.In 1976, Lusaka and its surrounding area were designated as the ninth province. Stone tools found in Zambia’s river valleys show that people lived in the territory circa 200,000 years ago. Their Independence Day was on October 24, 1964. Zambia's capital is Lusaka. Today, Zambia's President is Rupiah Banda and their Vice president is George Kunda.

The Zambian flag has a green background with a column of three, vertical stripes on the right hand corner of the flag. Above the red, black, and orange coulmuns an orange eagle is located. Green represents agriculture. Red recalls the struggle for independence. Black stands for the Zambian people. Orange symbolizes Zambia's mineral wealth, particularly the major deposits of copper. Zambia’s flag took effect on, October 24, 1964. Zambia gained its independce from Britain at this time and changed its name from Northern Rhodesia to Zambia. The eagle originates from Zambia's coat of arms.


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