- Bamako, is the nations capital an the largest city, it is a major regional trading center on the Niger River.
- Mali gained independence from France in 1960.
- the population is 13,796,354.
- When shakinghands, one may shoe special respect by touching one's own right elbow with the fingettips of the left hand.
- The flag of Mali, it was adopted on March 1, 1961.

language: french | location: west africa | population: 12,705,736


climate of mali

The cli´╗┐mate of Mali can be termed as subtropical. During the months between June and November the weather remains
wet and gentle. Rainfall occurs time to time. On the other hand the months between February and June the weather remains
hot and arid. If you want too visit Mali during its winter season, you must visit the county during the months between,
November and February.