population: 152,217,341
male population 80% female population 64%
capital: abuja
human dev. index rank: 158 of 182 countries
infant mortality rate 94 per 1000 births
life expectancy: 47(male) 48(female)
currency: naira

more than 250 languages are spoken in nigeria

it is a sign of disrespect if you are rushing a greeting

external image Nigeria_flag_lg.gifthe flag was adopted on october 1 1960the green stands for nigeria's green land and the white stands for peace and unity
has history that stretches back to at least 500bc, when the Noks inhabited the area. different empires lived in different regoins for centuries.at the end of the 15th century, european explorers and traders made contact with the yorubaand benin began a lucrative slave trade. when nigeria became independent in 1960 tension began to rise among the various ethnic groups.